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Market Updates Q1 Eastern Shore Real Estate Market: We Hear You Loud and Clear Eastern Shore Markets are Emerging from Hibernation in the Q1 Real Estate Scene In November 2021, 30-year interest rates hovered around 3%. Twelve months later. rates flirted with 7% before falling back to the current national average of 6.28%. At the end of Q4 2022  the only noise the eastern shore real estate market was […]
Market Updates EASTERN SHORE REAL ESTATE MARKET HITS “PAUSE” BUTTON IN 2022. WILL RECOVER IN 2023.     When I was a kid, I loved keeping the box score on Washington Senators games.  I faithfully did this in the stands at RFK Stadium or at home listening to the game on the radio. I love statistics. For the past 18 years I have collected key performance metrics (Kpms)  for the real […]
Market Updates Crickets   The mid-term elections are now a distant memory, and the future of the Eastern Shore real estate markets looks brighter than it did just one month ago. Interest rates have fallen, making it an excellent time for buyers to enter the market. However, despite these positive indicators, the market was surprisingly quiet in October. […]
Market Updates Housing market crash: What you should know Introduction What is a housing market crash? It’s a rapid decline in the nominal price of housing and a significant decrease in housing activity. Over the past decade, the housing market has experienced quite a roller coaster ride. Home prices have skyrocketed, then crashed, then risen again. That cycle is still ongoing, but there are […]
Buying A Home Keep Calm and Carry On I was looking at my company’s year-to-date (YTD) performance this afternoon. We were cooking along so good – right up to the end of April. Coldwell Banker Chesapeake Real Estate agents were outperforming 2021 – the best year in the company’s history.  And then we went smack dab right over a cliff. Did all the […]
Buying A Home It’s Time To Get Off The Fence The Average Closed Sales Price in February 2022 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland was just short of $400,000 ($397,348). Throughout COVID, the demand for rural houses has far exceeded the supply – resulting in rapidly appreciating values. Some Sellers are timing the market – waiting for eastern shore values to peak before coming to […]
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