Buying A Home

Buying A Home Is It Better To Build Or Buy A House : 2022 Introduction If you’re trying to decide whether it’s better to build or buy a house in 2022, comparing the costs and benefits of both options can be helpful. In general, the building is cheaper than buying but takes longer. For example, when I built our home ten years ago, we spent about $250K on materials […]
Buying A Home 10 Things Not To Do When Buying A Home Introduction It can be fun to buy your first home. You’ll start building your life with your partner and family. There’s a lot at stake here, so be prepared for what lies ahead. Here are ten things not to do when buying a home. Only Sign a contract after getting a pre-approval letter. Before you […]
Buying A Home Keep Calm and Carry On I was looking at my company’s year-to-date (YTD) performance this afternoon. We were cooking along so good – right up to the end of April. Coldwell Banker Chesapeake Real Estate agents were outperforming 2021 – the best year in the company’s history.  And then we went smack dab right over a cliff. Did all the […]
Buying A Home It’s Time To Get Off The Fence The Average Closed Sales Price in February 2022 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland was just short of $400,000 ($397,348). Throughout COVID, the demand for rural houses has far exceeded the supply – resulting in rapidly appreciating values. Some Sellers are timing the market – waiting for eastern shore values to peak before coming to […]
Buying A Home “All Real Estate Agents Are The Same.” This familiar trope has been around at least since May 12, 1908 — the date the National Association of Realtors (NAR) was founded with the goal “to unite the real estate men [sic] of America for the purpose of effectively exerting a combined influence upon matters affecting real estate interests.” Since then, the organization has […]
Buying A Home Down Payment Getting You Down? The first step to home ownership may be easier than you think   For decades, the rule of thumb is that you need to put down a 20% down payment for a conventional home loan. While that may be true for a conventional loan, many people don’t know there are other ways to pay a […]
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