Selling A Home November 14, 2022

Perspective matters when selling your home


Perspective matters when selling your home. You already know how hard it can be. But did you know that perspective can make the whole process easier?

It sounds like a strange concept, but here’s what we mean: when you think about your house as just a house—rather than something more personal and permanent—it becomes infinitely easier to let go of the things that don’t matter to buyers.

And this is especially true if your house isn’t exactly perfect (which is often the case). Take my last place, for example. I loved how big it was and how close it was to public transit—but those features made selling it difficult!

After all, who wants an apartment with high heating bills or one where they have to walk outside whenever they want to catch a train? Still not convinced? Here are three other ways perspective can help sell your home faster (or at least make the process less painful):

Think about what you loved about the home when you bought it.

Another perspective matters when selling your home; you must consider why you bought it first and what you loved about the place. It could be a great location or friendly neighbors. Maybe it was the school district or pool access for your kids. Whatever attracted you to that home, consider how those things could be used as selling points when listing your house on the market.

Think of your house as a person – not just an investment property or tax deduction. Consider what personality traits would make someone want to live there – then showcase those traits in photos, descriptions, and personal touches throughout the house (like flowers).

Remember that buyers probably don’t see the things you see as issues.

How many times have you looked at your own home and said to yourself, “Oh my god! This place is a disaster! I can’t believe anyone would ever want to live here!”? We say this all the time, but it’s important to remember that buyers aren’t seeing the same thing we are.

The truth is that buyers don’t get to know our homes as well as we do. They aren’t the ones who lived there for years and used each room for different things. They’re just looking at photos of homes on their phone or computer screen—and most likely just one photo at a time—making judgments based on what they see.

That means they won’t be able to see every little nick, ding, or scratch like we can because they’re not looking at our house day after day (or night after night).

And while they may be able to see some things that need fixing or updating, chances are good that those items won’t make enough of an impact on them for them not to buy it anyway… especially if those “issues” come with a great price tag!

Remember it’s only temporary.

When we think of the word “home,” we usually think of a place that we lived in for an extended period of time. We may have purchased it or inherited it from family members.

However, when you are selling your home, it helps to remember that no matter how long you have lived there or how important the place is to you and your family, this home will soon be just another memory.

Think about all the things that have happened in this house: births and deaths; graduations; holidays—both happy and sad; celebrations with friends and family members; moments when life seemed perfect; learning struggles with children who grew up here…the list goes on! Each is significant because they are part of your story together as a family.

But now that chapter has closed, it’s time to move into new chapters filled with new memories–and maybe even better ones than those made at this particular house!

So remember: It’s only temporary (even if it feels like forever).

It’s only the house.

Perspective matters when selling your home, your home is not your identity. Your home is not your marriage or your family. Your home is not your job, and it’s certainly not you. Your home will be sold someday, either by you or someone else.

Your house is just a building that happens to be where you live right now. It’s just a place to eat dinner, sleep at night, and take long showers before heading off to work, school, or wherever you go during the day.

The idea that people attach so much emotional weight to one specific physical structure makes no sense; if anything, this mindset tends only to make things worse for homeowners as they try desperately (and fruitlessly) to control every aspect of their lives when they should relax and accept what’s going on around them without worrying about whether it will affect them later down the road when their house does get sold!


The key takeaway is that perspective matters when selling your home. If you’re struggling with some of these things, talk to a real estate agent or get professional advice.

They can help you determine whether any significant issues need fixing before putting your house on the market, and they can also give you advice on how best to price your property so it doesn’t sit around for too long before being sold.