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Community Spotlight – Chestertown Tea Party May 24th-26th

Community Event Spotlight: Celebrating 250 Years at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival

As spring unfurls its vibrant hues along the Chester River, Chestertown is bustling with preparations for a landmark event, the 250th anniversary of the legendary Chestertown Tea Party. This year’s Chestertown Tea Party Festival, held over Memorial Day Weekend, promises a vibrant celebration of our town’s rich history and spirited defiance.

A Historic Recall of the Chestertown Tea Party

The story of the Chestertown Tea Party begins in the heated days of May 1774, when local patriots, inspired by Boston’s act of defiance, protested the British Tea Act. According to cherished local tradition, the townspeople of Chestertown boldly boarded the brigantine Geddes and tossed its cargo of British tea into the river, marking a pivotal moment in our nation’s journey toward independence.

While historical records from the period do not document this event, the spirit of that day has been embraced and celebrated by our community. It stands as a symbol of our shared values and commitment to liberty—a sentiment that resonates deeply within our town’s identity.

Festival Highlights: A Tribute to Tradition and Community

This year, the festival is not merely an observance of history but a lively and engaging community gathering. The celebration kicks off with a grand colonial parade down High Street. Spectators can enjoy the stirring sounds of fife and drum bands while watching colonial and British re-enactors march by in full regalia.

Further enriching the festival are the offerings of local civic clubs and artisans. Festival-goers can indulge in Eastern Shore favorites such as crab cakes and funnel cakes, or cool down with a cold beer. The craftsmanship and artistry of vendors from across the country will also be on display, providing a unique shopping experience.

A Reenactment to Remember

The highlight of the festival is the dramatic reenactment of the Storming of the Geddes. Using the schooner Sultana, a replica of a 1768 vessel, colonial re-enactors will recreate the historic tea-tossing event. This powerful reenactment serves as a vivid reminder of Chestertown’s bold stand against tyranny.

Engaging Activities for All Ages

The festival is packed with activities that cater to every interest. History buffs can embark on historic tours to delve deeper into Chestertown’s past. For those seeking adventure, the festival offers 10-mile and 5K runs through scenic routes. Additionally, a raft race provides a splash of excitement for participants and spectators alike.

A Community United by History

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, the Chestertown Tea Party Festival is more than just a commemoration. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of our community. It reminds us of our collective heritage and the values that continue to guide us today.

We invite everyone to join us in Chestertown to experience this unique blend of history, culture, and community celebration. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, the Chestertown Tea Party Festival offers an opportunity to step back in time and experience the unity and courage that define our town.

For more details about the festival schedule and activities, visit the official Chestertown Tea Party Festival website or follow us on social media. Let’s make this year’s festival a memorable celebration of our history and community spirit!

Coldwell Banker Chesapeake is proud to spotlight the Chestertown Tea Party Festival as a pivotal part of our community’s cultural calendar. We support and celebrate the rich history and vibrant future of Chestertown and its residents.


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