Lifestyle October 24, 2023

Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend: A Nautical Extravaganza in Chestertown

The picturesque town of Chestertown, Maryland, is known for its charming streets, historic architecture, and scenic views of the Chester River. However, once a year, this quiet town transforms into a hub of maritime excitement during the Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend. This beloved event brings together residents and visitors alike to celebrate the region’s rich maritime heritage, and Coldwell Banker Chesapeake is proud to be a part of this experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend a must-visit event and why you should stop by our Chestertown office during the festivities.

The Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend: A Nautical Tradition

Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend is an annual event that showcases Chestertown’s deep connection to the waterways that have defined its history. Hosted by the Sultana Education Foundation, this three-day event offers a unique opportunity for people to explore the town’s maritime heritage and enjoy a wide range of nautical activities.

  1. Tall Ships: The highlight of Downrigging Weekend is the gathering of majestic tall ships that grace the Chester River. Visitors can board these ships, explore their decks, and learn about the seafaring history of these incredible vessels.
  2. Educational Programs: The Sultana Education Foundation provides an array of educational programs that allow both children and adults to delve into the maritime world. From cannon demonstrations to historical reenactments, there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy.
  3. Live Music and Entertainment: Live music and entertainment fill the streets of Chestertown throughout the weekend, creating a lively and festive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Check out this year’s artist lineup.
  4. Food and Craft Vendors: Local food vendors offer a taste of Chesapeake Bay cuisine, while craft vendors provide an opportunity to shop for unique nautical-themed goods.

Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend is a remarkable event that showcases Chestertown‘s maritime history and brings the community together. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, this event offers something for everyone to enjoy. We invite you to stop by our Coldwell Banker Chesapeake office in Chestertown during the festivities. We’re excited to share in the celebration of this special weekend and provide you with any real estate information or assistance you may need. Join us in celebrating Chesapeake Bay’s rich maritime heritage at this one-of-a-kind event!

As the premier real estate agency in Chestertown and the surrounding area, Coldwell Banker Chesapeake has deep roots in the community and a passion for all things Chesapeake Bay. We are proud  of Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend and encourage you to stop by our Chestertown office during the festivities.  114 S. Cross Street, Chestertown, MD 21620, 410-778-0330.