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“Anything Is Possible on the Eastern Shore ” Woman Catches $6,000,000 Prize-winning White Marlin under Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Special Guest Blog from Hugh M. Smith, Owner/Broker Coldwell Banker Chesapeake Real Estate

Grasonville, Maryland — August 31, 2023 — In an astonishing feat of patience and
perseverance, Frances Baitwell, an 86-year-old resident of Pikesville, Maryland, redefined the art of fishing when she hauled in a remarkable $6,000,000 prize-winning white marlin from beneath the iconic Chesapeake Bay Bridge. With a passion for angling that spans half a century,
Baitwell’s triumph stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who

For the past five decades, Frances Baitwell has dedicated herself to casting her line in the same
spot beneath the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Armed with a ballyhoo rigged specifically for white
marlin, Baitwell’s meticulous strategy and unwavering resolve finally paid off in a way that
exceeded even her wildest expectations. “I figured,” Baitwell shared, “that my patience would
pay off bigly someday. I have this spot all to myself. All my competitors are stuck in traffic
above me on the bridge. This is like taking candy from a baby.”

When questioned about her plans for the monumental prize, Baitwell confessed that her victory
comes at a timely moment. After half a century of trolling the waters of Chesapeake Bay, she is
ready to tackle her accumulated bills head-on. “The Kent Narrows Marina, for instance, is asking that I pay my gas bills,” she laughed.

As news of Baitwell’s historic catch reverberates through the community and beyond, many are
left wondering what lies on the horizon for this remarkable victor. When asked about her future
plans, Baitwell’s eyes lit up with a hint of relief and adventure. “I am going down to the Ocean,
Hun, to kick back and relax. That fish was a real fighter, so let’s face it, I’m exhausted.
“Baitwell’s extraordinary accomplishment serves as a heartwarming reminder that dedication,
patience, and a touch of luck can turn even the simplest pastimes into grand victories. As the
story of her white marlin catch continues to capture the imagination of individuals across the
nation, it serves as an inspiring tale of triumph over time and circumstance.”

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About Frances Baitwell

Frances Baitwell is an 86-year-old resident of Pikesville, Maryland, who recently gained
widespread attention for her record-breaking white marlin catch under the Chesapeake Bay
Bridge. With an unwavering dedication to fishing, Baitwell’s remarkable accomplishment
underscores the power of persistence and the thrill of unexpected success. Follow Us
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Note to Editors: This press release is a work of fiction, a fish story so to speak, created by ChatGPT based on the information of eyewitness Hugh M Smith. Any resemblance to real events or individuals is purely coincidental.

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